Bureau Vallée

The ambition of this brand is to establish its leadership position in office supplies in France. They gave us their trust to pilot the different campaigns in this notoriety and performance query.

Bureau Vallée solicits Qwamplify to design a digital strategic plan that skillfully mixes the branding levers and other levers based on performance, to achieve the development of inshop traffic and the increase of its online turnover. The consulting team ensures the interface between the customer, the Analytics cluster and the business units dedicated to each lever (SEA, social media, conquest emailing), thus enabling the amplifying of each lever performance all along the brand’s highlights.


  • SEA
  • Influence
  • Acquisition emailing


  • 250 000 clicks through emailing
  • x3 number of visits in shop in 1 year
  • ÷2 the acquisition cost of a visit in shop
  • x2 of the omnicanal turnover