Qwamplify Influence

Influence to amplify your campaigns

It’s no longer a secret that influencer marketing is now an essential lever to meet your business objectives and brand challenges.

4 consommateurs sur 5 achètent un produit vu et recommandé sur les réseaux sociaux

4 out of 5 consumers buy a product seen and recommended on social networks

The question is no longer:
“Should we integrate an influencing system into its strategy? ” but “how do I integrate an influence system that is part of my action plan in the long term in order to create resonance? “.
To meet your needs, we have developed Qwamplify Influence.

Amplifiez vos campagnes marketing existantes grâce à l’influence

Amplify your existing marketing campaigns with influence

Influence shouldn’t be thought of in silos, but part of your overall brand discourse for more authenticity. We are rethinking influencer marketing to design campaigns in perfect harmony with your 360 ° marketing strategy.

We design tailor-made and innovative devices with meaning that will amplify your actions.

Une méthodologie éprouvée et une vision créative

A proven methodology and a creative vision

We have developed a set of criteria for sourcing and choosing the right influencer profiles in line with your brand DNA. We work hand in hand with them to find the right creative angle for your campaign and to propose innovative operations.

Des relations tissées avec de nombreux partenaires

Relationships forged with many partners

An address book with thousands of relationships forged over time with content creators.

Une équipe à taille humaine

A team on a human scale

A team of experts and enthusiasts who are attentive, available and dedicated to the success of each of your projects. At Qwamplify Influence, each request is listened to with particular attention in order to always offer you a strategy adapted to your needs.

Une influence éthique et responsable

An ethical and responsible influence

We make it a point of honor that each project carried out is transparent and authentic in order to guarantee a healthy and lasting relationship between all stakeholders.

Our approach

Notre approche