Qwamplify Display

Programmatic advertising experts

Thanks to our data-driven solutions (link page Solutions – Data driven advertising) combining technological efficiency, operational expertise and strategic advice, we provide advertisers and agencies with effective responses to their business challenges.

Our multichannel expertise: display, social, native, video, audio, DOOH, TV allows you to best optimize your media spending to meet your business challenges.

Data exclusive

Exclusive data

Qwamplify Display is the only trading desk that can use all of the Qwamplify Group data from our proprietary sites and touchpoints.

+27M cookies, from our proprietary touchpoints

To ensure comprehensive and powerful targeting, Qwamplify Display is also connected to the entire programmatic ecosystem.

We collect and analyze more than 300M of behavioral data each month that feeds our 1,500 targeting segments in order to be able to respond effectively to the business challenges of our customers.

Technologies référentes

Reference technologies

Thanks to the power of our audiences and the efficiency of benchmark technologies in the market, Qwamplify Display is committed to guaranteeing you the best performance for your campaigns.

To guarantee inventory quality that will not harm your brand image, we use the best tools on the market.

Qwamplify Display is connected to the entire programmatic ecosystem, namely Adloox and Integral Ad Science. These partnerships allow us to deliver your advertisements while protecting them from the most sophisticated advertising fraud.

Working with Qwamplify Display means optimizing your media budget as much as possible thanks to a detailed analysis of your audiences and the use of exclusive Qwamplify data.

Conseils & Insights

Advice & Insights

Qwamplify Display offers you complete tailor-made support. From strategy to reporting, including the creation and analysis of your audiences.