Qwamplify Performance

The result as a leitmotif

Through its “Performance” Business Unit based in Sophia Antipolis, the Qwamplify group has strong expertise in the implementation of ROI’s acquisition campaign.

Notre métier : la performance !

Our job: performance!

We focus a large part of our time in the development of technological tools, guaranteeing our customers a continuous and optimal search for performance.

Thanks to our proprietary technology, our employees, specialists in push acquisition levers, are able to offer you innovative devices to boost your online sales or increase your prospect databases.

Acquisition Emailing

Qwamplify Performance works with more than 350 behavioral databases segmented by profile type and purchase history / theme. We capitalize on the seniority of our teams, our unique targeting technology and the power of our network to bring highly targeted traffic to your site.

Lead generation

We support many service companies in lead generation (quotes) through dedicated Landing Pages developed in-house.

We use the skills of the media center to design these dedicated mini sites, and activate various traffic levers in order to generate requests for quotes in many themes (heating, insulation, training, etc.). The remuneration of the lead being “by performance”.

Coregistration Média

Coregistration Media

Within the division dedicated to Opt’in collection, we have developed the market-leading coregistration solution, made up of more than 60 media sites for which we manage the coregistration spaces exclusively. It is quite simply the most efficient solution today for acquiring high added value Opt’in profiles.