Qwamplify Social

Social Media Experts

The power of social media is well established. Notoriety, visibility, brand image, loyalty, traffic, sales… They allow different marketing objectives to be worked on and are essential in all communication devices.

But the competition is tough. It is the quality of your storytelling coupled with the finesse of your choice of levers that will make the difference. And that’s where we come in!

Nous propulsons les marques sur les réseaux sociaux

We propel brands on social networks

Social Media & Brand Content Agency, we are committed to telling the unique story of each brand on social networks, with a tailor-made strategy and a strong identity, to connect it to its customers.

We believe in the power of the emotional connection between a brand and its consumers. From marking the spirit to generating the purchase, there is only one step.

Since 2012, we have supported SMEs and Large Groups from various sectors, in France and internationally, by helping them make the right strategic, creative, organizational and editorial choices.

Nous développons vos audiences et créons des relations durables et rentables avec elles, au travers de nos différentes expertises

We develop your audiences and create lasting and profitable relationships with them, through our various expertise:

  • social media strategy
  • Community Management
  • the production of 100% social brand content within our integrated studio
  • the influence
  • training and coaching
  • and e-reputation.

Whether it is to speak up or to support a launch, we help you stand out on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, TikTok, Youtube, Twitch, Pinterest…

There is only one way: to understand the uses of Internet users, the codes of your target, and above all to show the greatest creativity to generate conversations around your brand.

One goal: to make social networks a powerful business lever.

Ces dernières années, nous avons entre autres...

These recent years, we have among others…

  • made a jewelry brand initially unknown in France one of the 10 favorite brands of French people on social networks,
  • divided by 2.5 the average CPA of an e-commerce client’s campaigns in the cultural sector,
  • significantly increased the turnover of a retailer each year to make it the No. 1 in its ultra-competitive sector,
  • successfully launched a brand for millennials on Instagram with an engagement rate 6x above industry averages,
  • handled 2,000 customer service requests per month on social networks for a famous international brand,
  • produced a series of brand content videos with more than 400K views for a food brand,
  • created a virtual viral escape game for a manga publishing house,
  • animated communities of several million fans for the “blockbuster” franchises of a famous cinema distributor,
  • mobilized more than 200 influencers each year to promote the brands of an organic group.

And made hundreds of other customers happy!